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5" x 7" Heart

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The Memorial Impressions "Sweetheart" headstone photo is one of the best ways to highlight the true love between couples. We can take your photo and format it to fit our custom cut heart shape that you'll be able to apply to a headstone yourself.

We also offer photo retouching and background replacement. Once retouched, we send you up to three proofs. From there, we produce your headstone photo and ship it to your door.

"I just received my collage. OMG!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Feel free to add it to your website and I hope my request for the photo collage and your generosity in making it happen, will inspire other people to honor their loved ones this way. " - Joanne D.

"I just wanted to tell you that we placed the medallions on my mother and sister's grave markers this week and they look great. My father and I were very pleased with the way that they turned out. We really liked the blue border that you used. I am looking through our pictures for one of my father and one of my father and mother together because he wants two more made with the same blue border." - Lisa Y.
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