Sal Ciuffetti, Founder and Owner,

with​ his daughter ​Gina, Marketing Manager

Our Story

Remembering your loved ones forever.

In 2010, Salvatore Ciuffetti (Owner) experienced an untimely passing of his sister-in-law. He and his family were contemplating adding a ceramic photo to her headstone to help preserve her memory. After feeling "sticker shock" when seeing the cost of ceramic headstone photo production, he used his engineering background to develop a new process that was less expensive and more vibrant than that of traditional ceramic or porcelain photos found on headstones.

Today, Memorial Impressions now employs a small staff, some of which are family, to help produce headstone and memorial photos for customers all over the world. We have sent our photo medallions as far as Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada, Sri Lanka, Africa, Australia, and Europe, working closely with each customer to ensure their satisfaction with not only our product but the logistics of getting their photo to them through international mail. In the United States, we've been able to help customers in all 50 states in a range of climates, from Alaska to Hawaii to Maine. 

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